Managing your projects

Managing your projects | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

Managing your projects


The importance of taking on projects for progress and growth


Projects are what take businesses forward and to greater levels.  They are the epitome of taking action towards progress. Their execution is what often deters companies from adopting them. Project management is one of the most challenging assignments in business because it requires an array of skills and actions. In all its phases a sufficient amount of excellence is necessary to support the project and ensure its success.


Project Management assistance and advice


Have you been postponing or avoiding the initiation of any vital business projects or tasks? Our goal is to help you get these done and get them done successfully. This will enable your business to escape the standstill stage and move forward. It could be any task of any nature, from eliminating a problem to improving your business in some way. We will help you identify it, manage it and deal with it effectively.


We are helping you with project management on any of your projects’ phases – research, team selection, budgeting, planning, implementation and evaluation. By doing so, we are improving the effectiveness, structure and efficiency of your project management process. We can help your business through any or all of these phases, depending on your needs and requirements. Our advice will help you identify which potential projects should be pursued and how it should be done in order to maximise their overall success.


Business Advice E. Miltiadous is managing any project from scratch to full completion on your behalf. From preparing the relevant documentation to conducting the meetings and monitoring the execution, we can do it all if you so require. Alternatively, we can be working together in collaboration, advising you and guiding you on any phase and aspect of your projects.


Different business owners require different level of control when undertaking a particular project. In this respect you have the complete freedom to choose the extent of control you may wish to maintain as well as the level and scope of our involvement in it.


Our goal is to help you see opportunities you may have never seen existing and provide you with actionable recommendations on how to capture those you wish to be pursuing.


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Market Research

Market Research service | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

Market Research


Opportunities – identification, analysis and seizing


With regards to opportunities, one thing is certain – they always existed, exist and will equally always exist in abundance in the future. But it is difficult to be taking opportunities if taking them is just what you are waiting for and focusing upon. Knowing how and where to look for new opportunities is perhaps a more vital skill to have. Identifying them and being able to see clearly how they can feasibly and easily be exploited is where the key skill and challenging part lie in.


Market research lies at the core of identifying new opportunities. A constant analysis and understanding of market shares, segments, size and changes, is vital. Examination into what competitors do and how they do it is also very important. Business environments are highly dynamic, meaning frequent analysis and thorough understanding of them increases the chances for success and minimises the risks of failure.


The major skill though, that underlines any market research is for a business to be able to consider all this information, simplify it, prioritise it in terms of its influential importance and use it practically and easily towards its advantage.


Service provided


Business Advice E. Miltiadous assists you with market research for identifying new opportunities, analysing their feasibility, planning and guiding you through their execution via actionable recommendations and valuable advice. We gather the right kind of useful information for you and your business via online surveys, online searches, literature reviews, field examinations, perceptions analysis, price analysis, local understanding, location considerations, competitor analysis, trends and new market segments identification, and more. We interpret both numbers and words in conjunction, in order to provide you with a correct but simplified understanding of the opportunities and risks you can be exposed to. We then advise and guide you on how to be acting based on that analysis.


Our goal is to help you see opportunities you may have never seen existing and provide you with actionable recommendations on how to capture those you wish to be pursuing.


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Financial Analysis – a great tool

Financial Analysis - a great tool | Business Advice E. Miltiadous


Financial Analysis is a great tool you can be using in your business


Decision-making is a great skill and a major determinant to the extent of success that a business owner will achieve. Financial Analysis assists business owners in making decisions that are based on the big picture, the facts and accurate information. We perform financial analysis of your business to provide you with valuable understanding and advice for making smarter decisions.


During financial analysis we assess the profitability, solvency, liquidity and stability of a business, by evaluating its financial performance, position and anticipated future performance. It primarily includes financial statements analysis, ratio and data analyses. We examine and evaluate the relationships between the numbers and component parts of financial statements, thus facilitating business owners to be making smarter decisions.


We are helping in this by analysing and interpreting the data and numbers in the financial statements. Our goal is to simplify the information and explain the meaning and significance of it. We help businesses obtain a better understanding of their financial performance and position, as well as advising them on how to proceed based on that.


Our major target is to analyse and simplify in order to provide valuable understanding and advice. We aspire to enhance the financial awareness of business owners, provide them with financial education in the process, advise them and improve their overall business decision-making capabilities. By doing so, we maximise their ability to be in control of their business and steer it towards a path of improvements and success.


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Making more sales

Making more sales | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

The sales process is constantly changing


Sales and selling are what most businesses exist for. The idea is simple – the bigger the sales figure the higher the profit. However, the making of sales is becoming increasingly challenging. The rising competition and the constant changes in the methods of selling require serious efforts into acquiring, keeping and growing customers. The sales process, following the constant changes of the internet and the digital means of advertising and selling, is changing significantly, which as a consequence increases the choice to customers and competition for sellers.



Correctly addressing the changing sales process


The sale process is not any more simply the having of a nice product or service, marketing it and closing a sale. It nowadays requires a thorough and deep understanding of customer needs, knowing how to conduct the modern marketing, focusing on building relationships and maximising satisfaction with regards to the experience a customer perceives from start to end.


An excellent after-sales support is as important as the pre-sale efforts. Patience and a long-term view of the sales process are important for creating trust and loyalty, which eventually lead to repeat sales and satisfied customers – those customers effectively then becoming a business’s marketing representatives. Any business that does not genuinely think and act in this way, shall not in the long-term escape being wiped out by others that do.


Despite these increased complications, making and growing sales is easy for those that delegate their sales function to people that genuinely think about sales in this way. We do genuinely think and know how to act in this way. That is why we can help your business with our sales advice.


Our sales advice guides you on how to be thinking about sales, enhancing your customers’ experience, making smarter sales decisions and refining your selling process. We help you increase your customer numbers, sales figures and profits.


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Setting and achieving targets

Target-Setting & Achieving | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

The importance of setting and achieving targets


How important is setting and achieving targets in life and in business?


It is the very foundation of success.


The problem is that most businesses simply under-perform when it comes to setting those targets and pursuing them all the way towards their achievement. That is why progress is often difficult and slow to come. It is in fact the main cause of stagnation and lack of progress.



There is a correct way of setting and achieving targets


Why do some people or businesses achieve almost all their targets, whilst others don’t?


The answer is that there is a certain process that ensures the correct targets are set in the correct way and pursued in the correct attitude and manner.


We help you learn and understand how to apply this process in practice, using your own business goals as real-live examples. Your targets will be successfully achieved, and you will be learning the correct process for setting and pursuing them.


We are helping you by setting business targets correctly, pursuing them effectively and ensuring their achievement.  By doing so, we are keeping your business progressing forward, fast and continuously.


We even undertake to execute any of your tasks from start to end, of any business nature, involving any offices or authorities. If there are any tasks you have been postponing or hesitating to take on, we do them for you with guaranteed success.



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General Business Advice value package

General Business Advice value package

What you, as an existing business owner or someone wishing to start up your own business, truly need 


Your real need, as an existing business owner or someone wishing to start up your own business, is business advice provided from a central source so that it sees the big picture and addresses it without contradictions, that is easily and constantly accessible, that is financially affordable and understands well the client’s situation, concerns and targets, that is practical and easy-to-apply.


We know well about your every business need, concern, question or request, and we are seriously committed to help you achieve your targets. With us you can be sharing all your business concerns and receiving the best solutions, without wasted time and money.  We are next to you in each and every step (major or minor), whenever you call, send an email, or wish for a meeting, to discuss your each and every business issue.  We take you to your targets with success.


Are you having concerns and problems in various business areas?


We are the solution for you.  Avoid the endless spiral of slow minor progresses followed by setbacks leading to no real progress in the end.  Avoid wasting money and time.  We keep you motivated, save you from costly and time-wasting mistakes, helping you take the best decisions, actions and solutions.  We are focusing on providing solutions, adding value and getting tasks done for you.



Our “General Business Advice value package” offer for you




General Business Advice value package is customised business advice for you, at your each and every step (major and minor) that addresses your every business concern, question and problem.  We effectively become your right-hand all the way.


Includes face-to-face and telephone meetings, consultation and services, to help you address your business concerns, questions and problems, quickly and effectively.


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Business Plan – why and how

Business Plan - why & how | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

Business Plans – Why is it needed?  How to get one?


Business planning is vital if you want to be winning in business. In the absence of a plan that puts together all the components of your business, maximising success becomes simply a matter of luck. Without a plan you also handicap your understanding of the processes and big picture and leave your business without a clear direction.


This process will highlight the strengths, weaknesses, and other external influences that need to be considered and managed. It will also include a competitor analysis to ensure correct market positioning, as well as an evaluation of all business processes for better functioning and maximum efficiency. All this is being aimed towards maximising your business’s success.


Even if a business plan has initially been drafted, it may need to be updated and adjusted periodically in order to reflect the changes and new information coming in. Otherwise it would be as ineffective as not having done one at all, as it would be sending the business towards the wrong direction. How often your plan needs adjustment depends on how dynamically your business itself and the business environment in which your business operates are changing.


Let us help you


With our business planning advice, you will be assured that you have a winning business plan in place that supports all your business’s processes for better functioning and maximum efficiency. We aim to be assisting you with your vision, mission and objectives, hence providing you with a clear direction and understanding of the bigger picture of your business.


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Problem-solving importance and advice

Problem-solving importance and advice


It cannot be stressed out enough how important problem-solving is a skill in the business world.  Thankfully it is a skill-process that can be learned easily and applied repeatedly with great results, both in life and in business.


Your target is to reduce your business problems and concerns, whilst maximising your problem-solving skills.  This requires identification of the problems, breaking them down, identifying their causes, finding and implementing their solutions in an effective manner.


Business owners are faced with numerous problems that require quick and effective solutions. Without professional knowledge business problems often remain unidentified. If not identified on time and addressed effectively, they can hinder optimal results and performance. Problem-solving is a must-have skill in the business world and is becoming increasingly important. The faster and easier problems are overcome, the more the time and energy can be devoted towards activities directly associated with success, profits and growth.


The best way to clear up long-standing issues that keep the business from growing and reaching its full potential is to get expert help. This will help you identify problems by asking the right questions and focusing on what matters most.  An expert can help you by identifying the causes, breaking down the problem for you and providing you with the best solutions to choose from. Furthermore, they can assist you develop an action plan that can be implemented quickly, easily and practically. This will allow your business to improve and move forward.


Let us help you


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Increasing your business’s income

Ten ways for increasing your business’s income


    1. Raising prices
    2. Reducing variable costs
    3. Removing and replacing inefficiencies
    4. Changing how you sell your products or services
    5. Getting more customers
    6. Getting customers to buy bigger quantities
    7. Getting customers to buy more frequently
    8. Appealing to other customer groups
    9. Repackaging one-off sales into recurring
    10. Seeing competition positively


Execution defines the outcome


Simply knowing a few ways for increasing your business’s income is not enough.  The deciding factor rests in how these methods are applied.  In turn, this depends on any given situation and requires careful consideration of various influencing factors (such as business psychology, financial understanding, correct analysis, timing considerations, a thorough all-round business acumen and more).


Taking for example method #1 of raising prices, this requires very careful application as it could even lead to reduced revenues if incorrectly executed.  It must be a justified increase, only applying to a selection of services or products and promoted in an indirect manner.  The customers cannot be allowed to feel they are paying more than before.  If they get this sensation, it means the increase of prices was not executed correctly.  This calls for expert advice and solutions.


Likewise all methods require expert advice for a correct application that will lead to the desired results.


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Business startup assistance

Challenges faced


Every person or team is facing different challenges in relation to starting their business.  Some have no business idea yet.  Others have a selection of business ideas and are unsure on how to choose the best one.  Many have a business idea and are thinking of how to make it work.  Business startups have a high failure rate, yet the vast majority of those are attempts made without seeking expert assistance.  Many people never attempt to start up their own business, largely because of the fear related to this high failure rate, living forever in regret.  Business startup involves a comprehensive mix of business disciplines that also need to align well with a person’s personal situation.  This calls for customised and practical solutions if it is to work successfully.


Some questions you definitely need to ask yourself


Why you wish to start a business?

Are you self-disciplined and responsible by nature?

Have you talked to someone who knows more about it?

Do you accurately understand what it involves?

Do you have the right mentality?


The best way to do this


Pick up the phone and ask for our help.  The first telephone meeting is free of charge.  We provide business startup assistance to help you startup faster, easier and in a less financially costly way, with the maximum chance of success.  Most important, you will be doing it right by avoiding numerous possible costly mistakes and getting the insights into what will work best for you in your particular situation.


We are available for you any time to quickly offer you options and solutions, via telephone, email and meetings (over the phone and in person).

We guarantee your business startup success.


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Employee motivation advice

The problem


We decided to write this article because of the sheer volume of interest identified into this topic.  It seems that a vast number of employees are perhaps not feeling as motivated as they would like to have felt at work.



The employer’s role


Often the employer’s attitude and the culture at work truly does not help employees to be adequately motivated.  Employers often do not allow as much freedom as their employees would have liked to unleash their real potential.  Even more often they fail to adequately recognize their contribution.  The fact is, that most employers will never be good in the eyes of their employees simply because of the significant effort needed and the absence of the right conditions for mutual interests to be well-aligned.  Some jobs simply do not offer these right conditions.  This means employees should not depend on the employer to remain motivated.  They should strive to become self-motivated.



The Solution: Employees taking motivation into their own hands


Employees should:

  • Understand they must find a way to get self-motivated, since work is a big part of life and motivation is a big part of having a pleasant time at work.
  • See their contribution as part of the final product or service provided to the client.
  • Aim to do every task to the best of their abilities as a commitment to themselves and despite knowing that this will not be recognized by anyone.
  • Not expect that their employers, colleagues or working conditions will change towards the better. If they do, that would be marvelous yet highly unlikely.
  • Look for another job, or in general another income-earning source, if following this advice they still feel no improvement in their motivation levels.



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