Business Failure

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The Most Common Reasons Of Business Failure   Off course the list of reasons why businesses fail can truly be endless, but the following ten reasons are perhaps the most commonly occurring ones:   Bad cash management and overall business administration. Lack of Planning. Not creating and executing to-do lists.  Not identifying and meeting any […]



Win-Win | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

Win-Win   A win-win mentality is something that in business is of paramount importance in creating synergies, opening up mutual opportunities, supporting business relationships and for overall success in the long-term.   Everybody in business and in life, are always consciously or subconsciously thinking “And what’s in it for me if we do this?” If […]


COVID-19 response

COVID-19 response | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

COVID-19 response   Every business and country are different hence any COVID-19 response approach must be customised.  Nevertheless, there is a series of measures and considerations that should form the basis for any business in responding to the Coronavirus pandemic.   Generally businesses must go through the series of stages of managing the crisis (ideally […]


“Business Health”

Business Advice E. Miltiadous | The Coronavirus pandemic has seen everyone taking action to safeguard their health. As a business owner you should be taking actions of “Business Health”.

“Business Health”   On this World Health Day, take action to help your business just like you have been taking action to protect your health. The 7th of April (World Health Day), and especially of year 2020, is the day to celebrate the work of nurses and doctors and remind us all of the critical […]


Business administration assistance

Business administration assistance | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

Business administration assistance   Are you currently conducting your business’s administration in-house and facing problems, but also not wish to outsource it so that you lose control of it? Administration may not be a money-generating activity, though it is an important support activity that indirectly contributes towards the healthy operation of your business. Ideally, you […]


Business Psychology matters

Business Advice E. Miltiadous | Business psychology matters

Business psychology matters a lot more to business results than most people think   Read the above title again.   Business psychology is a significant determinant for the level of success of a business. Some psychological aspects are included in what we often describe as business culture. We emphasize here that we are talking about […]


Taxation peace of mind

Taxation peace of mind | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

Taxation peace of mind   Our main goal is to provide you with a taxation peace of mind. We make the function of taxation so easy for you that you never have to think about it anymore. By doing so, we enable you to be concentrating on running your business operations and generating money.   […]


Business development services

Business development services | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

Business development services   Via our business development services, we are helping your business grow through relationships-building, winning key decision makers, product or service development and assistance on closing decisive deals.   Business development is all about growth and generally maintaining a controlled growing momentum during a business’s life. Any business that is not putting […]


Strategic planning advice

Strategic planning advice | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

How strategic planning is vital for any business   Businesses that fail to see the importance of addressing the long-term perspective, find themselves in a situation where they are gradually and steadily losing out. This is not difficult to happen, as the long-term consequences are usually not so readily observable. Short-term gains at the expense […]


Managing your projects

Managing your projects | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

Managing your projects   The importance of taking on projects for progress and growth   Projects are what take businesses forward and to greater levels.  They are the epitome of taking action towards progress. Their execution is what often deters companies from adopting them. Project management is one of the most challenging assignments in business […]


Setting and achieving targets

Target-Setting & Achieving | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

The importance of setting and achieving targets   How important is setting and achieving targets in life and in business?   It is the very foundation of success.   The problem is that most businesses simply under-perform when it comes to setting those targets and pursuing them all the way towards their achievement. That is […]


General Business Advice value package

General Business Advice value package

What you, as an existing business owner or someone wishing to start up your own business, truly need    Your real need, as an existing business owner or someone wishing to start up your own business, is business advice provided from a central source so that it sees the big picture and addresses it without […]


Business Plan – why and how

Business Plan - why & how | Business Advice E. Miltiadous

Business Plans – Why is it needed?  How to get one?   Business planning is vital if you want to be winning in business. In the absence of a plan that puts together all the components of your business, maximising success becomes simply a matter of luck. Without a plan you also handicap your understanding […]


Problem-solving importance and advice

Problem-solving importance and advice   It cannot be stressed out enough how important problem-solving is a skill in the business world.  Thankfully it is a skill-process that can be learned easily and applied repeatedly with great results, both in life and in business.   Your target is to reduce your business problems and concerns, whilst […]


Business startup assistance

Challenges faced   Every person or team is facing different challenges in relation to starting their business.  Some have no business idea yet.  Others have a selection of business ideas and are unsure on how to choose the best one.  Many have a business idea and are thinking of how to make it work.  Business […]